About Livingmurals

Livingmurals originally began as the name of an on line painting portfolio in 2004. Over 700 photos were featured on the web site to show the work and painting experience of painter/artist Anita Pribik.  The website has gone through many transformations over the course of time.

Working under her own name since 1987 in the Northern Virginia area by referral only, Anita had no need to advertise her painting services.  

In 2012 the process of formalizing a business name began and the website Livingmurals with the URL www.Livingmurals.Net became the name of the Company as well as the Main Website

Please Visit the main website for more information About Livingmurals or any of the links in the sidebar under the heading "Affiliations" of this page located to the left.

In 2013 "Livingmurals" relocated from Woodbridge Virginia to Lynchburg Virginia

and it has been my pleasure to be living and working in this area ever since!

Livingmurals 2015

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